woman in jeans and folded hand

“Nothing can cure the soul but the senses,

 just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.”

Oscar Wilde

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy (PST) is a process of body psychotherapy which has been developed specifically to support clients with sexual and intimacy issues. The aim is for clients to strengthen the conscious and self-determined way in which they deal with their own sexuality, to perceive more clearly their needs for closeness and distance, and to communicate more effectively. This will then allow them to build satisfying relationships.

The Psychosexual Somatics® process offers clients a safe space where they can understand their personal boundaries and blocks, which are currently preventing them from enjoying greater intimacy with themselves and others. Blocks can stem from inner conflicts (of worth), or even from emotional trauma. There’s always a reason for them and they may well have served a protective function in the past. When someone decides to clear this kind of block, it can be helpful to consciously experience and integrate the emotions linked to it. If done so successfully, the need for its protective function disappears and the block loses its former use. It is then broken down in a healthy way and the client can enjoy greater freedom of action with a feeling of security.

Body therapeutic methods are also used in addition to the elements of traditional talking therapy. The therapy involves the following four stages:

  • Clarifying the goal of the therapy and identifying the limiting patterns through talking therapy
  • Removing the emotional and psychosomatic blocks through talking and body therapy
  • Reconnecting with the whole body and redeveloping greater sensitivity through mindful touch
  • Developing and cultivating other access points to the client’s own sexual energy

An important factor in psychosomatic sex therapy is that the client feels emotionally secure enough to be able to relax the body and mind as much as possible. This is essential to achieving any goal in therapy. It is the therapist’s job to provide a sense of security, to inquire into the client’s boundaries throughout the session and to comply with them.

Intensive self-experience in all areas of this work is required as part of the Psychosexual Somatics® Practitioner training course. This has allowed me as a therapist to develop the fundamental ability to treat clients with the utmost human warmth, authenticity and acceptance.