A warm welcome.

My name is Angela Lorenzen. After several years of studying psychosomatic sex therapy, systemic sex therapy and advanced body-therapy, I am now a couple’s counsellor and mediator, as well as a psychotherapy practitioner specialising in female psychosomatic sex therapy in Wiesbaden.

The main requests from my clients, be them men or women, are to be able to develop more energy, presence and creativity for different aspects of their lives. We also discuss how they can continue to balance closeness and distance, sexuality, security and freedom – the requirements of intimacy and desire in a mutually-satisfying, long-term relationship.

Whether it’s in a one-on-one session or in couple’s therapy, the way in which clients deal with their own sexuality is an important issue. Our sexual energy is our life force. It’s always there and it wants to be expressed. We must each consciously decide how we want to live out our individual sexuality. This kind of journey towards our own needs and desires leads to inner sources of power and, by working together with our partner, we can achieve an intimacy which is neither too constrained nor too disconnected.

I support the belief that we, as women, still know far too little about our sexuality, which comes up in my work for and with women. The full potential of female sexuality is hardly ever expressed, and that’s a shame – for us women and our partners. If you are also interested in this topic, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you by phone or email.

NARM Trauma Therapist
Dr. Larry Heller, UTA Akademie, Cologne

Systemic Sex Therapist
Dr. Ulrich Clement, IGST Heidelberg

Psychosexual Somatics® Practitioner
Mike Lousada, Psychosomatic Sex Therapy Training, London

Dr. Karen Roos, BMWA Ausbildungsstätte, Stuttgart

Psychotherapy Practitioner
Public Health Department, Wiesbaden

Zürcher Institut für klinische Sexologie & Sexualtherapie, ongoing

Continuing advanced training with Annemarie Kranendonk, Rex Brangwyn, Chameli Ardagh, Dr. David Schnarch, Michaela Boehm.