The im-pudency between intimacy and desire.

Sexuality is dealt with rather inconsistently in our society. On the one hand, sex is probably available more easily than ever before, but …

Female Sexuality

Recognising the origin.

Female sexuality is a world unto itself and more and more women
are rediscovering it in all its power and beauty.


From hot or cold war to a good agreement. For both partners.

The conflict in your relationship might be so serious that you no longer feel like you’re making any progress. You might even be arguing openly…

Sex Therapy

No more taboo, just relief or a solution

You might want more than just coaching, you might be facing a particular challenge with your sexuality or with intimacy with your partner…

Clearing blocks. Finding sensuality and energy.

Psychosexual Somatics® Therapy is a process of body psychotherapy. It allows us to explore our limits and boundaries, desires and needs in a safe space.

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